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[***Homeschooling is considered a private (non-public) education option. If you do Virtual Schooling through the public school system you are utilizing a public education option, and these laws do not pertain to you.***]

It’s so important to read for yourself and understand the education laws for Alabama.

“Homeschooling” is traditionally defined as privately funded parent-directed education. This means that the parent(s) are assuming full responsibility for the education of their children.

At the very foundation of educational legislation in Alabama is the Compulsory Attendance Law. Section 16-28-3 requires every child between the ages of 6-17 years be enrolled in a public or non-public school.

In Alabama, there are no laws that define a stand-alone “homeschool” option, so homeschoolers must choose to either enroll in a church school or a private school or choose to use a certified tutor. Homeschoolers will utilize the “home programs” options offered through church schools or private schools as defined in 16-28-1 (Definitions). 

There are three ways that you can legally homeschool in Alabama.

Enroll in a
Church Cover School

Church schools (or “cover schools” like WSA) are exempt from state reporting requirements. Enrollment is the responsibility of the parent, who is required to submit a church school enrollment form to the local public school board Superintendent. If the student withdraws from the Church School, the Administrator is then required to report the withdrawal. 

Establish a home-based
Private School

While some brick and mortar private schools offer home programs, private schools may also be established in the home.  Since a person is considered a “legal entity” parents may choose to do this. Private schools are no longer licensed and regulated by the state, but they are still subject to enrollment and reporting requirements. (See 16-1-11 (Private schools to register and report) and 16-28-7 (Report of enrollment)

Utilize a Private Tutor

(Requires a State certified teacher as the tutor.) The tutor handles all required reporting to the state and selects the curriculum.  This option is seldom used.

See more information on how to become a certified teacher here.

*Information regarding the AL Homeschool Law came from HSLDA.

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