Interested in enrolling in WSA?

Take a look at our Student Handbook below and the Fee Schedule.

Once you have read through it contact us with any questions you have or to start the enrollment process.

Your paperwork needs to be in within 1 week after public school starts, so it is important to get these papers to us asap. If you are withdrawing from another school and enrolling in WSA after the 1st week of public school starting, be sure to get your paperwork in asap so we can inform the Board of Education right away.

Fee Schedule

● Enrollment Fee – $150 per family due at the time of enrollment. There are no pro-rated fees and all fees are nonrefundable.

● Enrollment Addition – Adding a child in the same family after initial enrollment there is a $50 fee.

● School Records – The school records sent to White Sands Academy from your last attended school are the property of the parent/guardian of the child. We will send them to you at your written request at no charge as part of your initial enrollment. Please contact us for the Request for School Records Form.

● Student I.D. & Teacher I.D. – FREE to download and print (they will be emailed to you). These can be used for different discounts in a variety of stores and venues.

● Annual Enrollment Fee – $90 per family due by July 31st each year.

● Transcripts– We use Solution Point for transcript services. You may use another source for creating your transcript and contact us for signing.

● Graduation Fee – Contact us for details regarding graduation ceremony fees.

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