Grill Master Cooking Class 2019

Thank you everyone who attended our Grill Master Cooking Class! We had such a great time and hope your students did as well.

Jeff taught our students how to prepare chicken safely and why that is so important. They learned how to marinate it in a tasty Italian blend of spices and dressing.

While the chicken was marinating they learned how to prepare fresh veggies. During this time they learned how to properly cut the different type of vegetables. Once the veggies were ready they put them in tin foil with a blend of spices.

Now it was grill time!

Jeff wanted the students to learn how grilling on wood, charcoal and gas is different. Not only how to cook with all three but how the food taste different.

Once the food was done we sat together and had a meal. The students did such a great job! Can’t wait until our next cooking class!

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