This year we decided to change our Science Fair to a STEAM Fair.
We are so excited to see the projects everyone comes up with!

You can choose a project idea from any of the 5 categories & make a tri-fold board.
Dress up, do a demonstration, or put your research on your board. This can be anything you want!

Individual project $15
Family project $30 (up to 4 students, 1 ribbon)

Thank you so much for everyone that helped make our 2022 Science Fair a success!
Each entry was amazing!!! Great job everyone!!!!

Congratulations to the winners:
3rd-6th Grade:
1st Place: Caroline – Show Me The Gluten
2nd Place: Nicholas – Soil Moisture Sensors
3rd Place: Lauren – Electro Magnets
7th-12th Grade:
1st Place: Annie – Roller Coasters
2nd Place: Addison – You Grow Girl
3rd Place: Natalie – Avoiding Splat
1st Place: King – Is Our Backyard Creek Clean
2nd Place: Ownby – Get Bouncy
3rd Place: Viator – H2O To Grow
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