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"Homeschool made easy with White Sands! Vast network of knowledge and help in all areas to suit your needs for your family's education. Resources a plenty! Fun opportunities, field trips, dances and oh so much more! Our family is very excited to have White Sands helping us with our homeschool journey!"

"This Academy is Amazing! Thank You SO much for giving me the freedom to homeschool my son!!!"

Great Expo! I can't wait to see what the next one holds for us homeschoolers! (Baldwin Co Homeschool Expo)

What a fun time! Great resource for our area. (Baldwin Co Homeschool Expo)

Being fairly new to the county (less than a year), I was blown away by the homeschool community here! It was awesome to be able to see so many options & actually speak to people in person. Thank you to all who had a hand in putting this together! (Baldwin Co Homeschool Expo)

My son attended the homecoming dance. He is 14. He had a wonderful time! He still talks about and asks when there will be another. Shortly after the dance, he started attending Ballroom Dancer classes in Mobile and continues to enjoy the dancing and the social scene.

White Sands Academy = best homeschool cover school ever! This is the only cover school I could find that did NOT require a declaration of faith to join. (I am from Boston and requiring that declaration is not normal there, at all, and it is bizarre to me that it is so common down here.) Finding White Sands was a lifesaver to me and I am so glad they exist. 😊 I knew nothing about starting to homeschool and was quite intimidated by the process. I had many questions that I asked White Sands Academy before signing up, and they walked me through what to do. We are loving our first homeschool year and our child is learning so much more than he ever would have at a physical school near us, (public or private). I will recommend you always! Thanks for making this process easy and for being so professional.

If there is anyone that looks out for the good of the community, it is Stephanie Whaley! She has planned and continues to plan fun and educational activities for our homeschool community from homeschool dances, science fairs, grilling cooking classes and graduation ceremonies just to name a few! She and her husband, Jeff, are such selfless people! Our homeschool community is truly blessed to have them as leaders and role models!

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